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About Ether

ETHER is a trustworthy and dynamic company, aiming at the energy sector in Europe.

The company objective is the supply of reliable, state-of-the-art technology and highly efficient solutions to our customers in order to increase their competitiveness reduce their costs and their environmental impact.

The company mission statement can be summarized as:
"at the forefront of the green revolution"

Although energy is one of the most important goods for the modern society, its role and importance is often taken for granted. Energy users do not think about it and how they use it until they have to pay for the bill or realize the environmental impact it has.

We, at Ether Applications, do not take energy for granted. We do care about how energy is produced, transferred, managed and consumed, and of course how it affects our environment. Our job is to minimize the financial and the environmental burden of producing and using energy in every aspect of modern human activity.

For any requirement our team is ready to assist you for energy solutions that matter.