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Turn key PV projects

Permitting Process

Ether with its high quality personnel can offer integrated solutions to the customers that want to invest in the PV industry. As far as permitting process is concerned, Ether can offer consultation concerning the suitable selection of the plot, by investigating all relating parameters (grid proximity, solar irradiation etc). Then we can offer integrated solution concerning the permitting process since we undertake all the studies and the documents required and of course the follow up with the corresponding authorities until they issue the permit.

Turn Key PV projects

Aerial photo of an ongoing PV project

Having over 10 year experience in this industry, Ether can provide high standard solutions and is capable to construct any PV according to the customer needs. We offer quality equipment taking into consideration the customer needs, we have an advanced network with cooperating companies and subcontractors and therefore we can deliver on time and in budget high quality PV installations.

Project Funding

Ether has partnerships with major Greek banks and can assist to the project funding. In addition to this we can bridge finance the projects so that the customer can complete the investment troubleless. The funding scheme can be adjusted so that it covers the customer needs.

Operation – Monitoring – Maintenance of PV parks

Ether is one of the best PV EPC companies in Greece in this sector since we focus on the customer’s special needs and we fully understand the concept of service providing. Therefore we can offer high quality maintenance contracts, we can follow SLAs, we have developed advanced monitoring systems, by monitoring not only the inverters but also HEDNO’s smart meters etc. last but not least Ether has an advanced network of subcontractors all over Greece and we can assure our customers that we can cover them on time for all unexpected events.

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