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Net Metering for Businesses - Comprehensive Services


The cost of electricity is a major part of industries’ and companies’ operational expenditures. In a period of energy tariffs adjustment, the surcharge on the production cost can be as much as 20%-40%, where the exact percentage may vary by industry. Net Metering is the ideal solution to reduce your energy cost.

Specifically, having installed Net Metering your business can achieve:

The depreciation time of the installation costs varies depending on the needs of each company and the way it operates. Given the current prices of electricity, depreciation of the investments can be achieved between 1 to 2.5 years only!

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How Net Metering Works

Net Metering requires the installation of a photovoltaic (PV) system at the company premises (either on the ground or on the roof or both). The produced energy is consumed directly by the company and if there is excess production this is injected into the grid and it is credited to the company. On the contrary, when the produced energy cannot meet company’s energy needs, then the company is absorbing energy from the grid under the current charging scheme. The clearing between the energy that has been absorbed by the grid and consumed, the total energy produced by the PV system of the company, regardless of whether it was injected into the grid or covered directly own needs, and the energy produced by the PV system and distributed to the network is done annually. If there is energy surplus, your business will not be charged, but the difference will be credited to your next clearing account as an Additional Injected Energy. Otherwise, in case there is energy deficit, your business will be charged for the difference in the consumption.

Comprehensive Solutions Portfolio

Detailed planning and deep analysis of the business needs are required to get the maximum benefits from Net Metering. That is why you should carefully select your partner who has the expertise and experience to support you on a 24x7 basis. Ether provides a complete packet of services that includes:

Moreover, in cooperation with the Intracom Telecom Group, Ether provides complementary services to those customers who decide to proceed with the installation of Net Metering, including:

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