Smart Grids

Smart Grids are the networks that cleverly adapt to demand and response of energy. They are considered "clever" because they can adjust to changes in demand and the environment they operate in (e.g. with the introduction of more renewables in the energy pool).

The aim of the Smart Grid is the connection of all energy customers, regardless of time and place, with the energy sources. To do this in an optimal way it requires the creation of a sophisticated network using modern IT technology for the control and management of energy flow.

Ether‘s team works with energy grid managers for the creation of intelligent networks which function optimally and can satisfy the following characteristics:

  • Automatic recovery from energy disruptions
  • Direct consumer participation in demand management (demand-response)
  • Increased resistance to damage infrastructure and communications
  • Complete standalone system production and storage
  • Capable of continuous introduction of new digital services

This intelligent Smart Grid uses modern digital technology and advanced ICT algorithms for intelligent control of energy flow. In conjunction with smart meters it automatically monitors the network energy consumption based on procedures defined by the Energy Policy of the customer.